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The Rules

1. Please be respectful of others, no slamming or cursing others. This is a friendly community.

2. Please no rumors or speculation about real life people(I think we've all seen where that can lead to). Basically, don't post anything you would feel bad about if Marcia Cross, herself, were reading it. Only spoiler rumors are allowed, and please, put it under a cut for those who would like to be spoiler free. :)

3. Please try to credit any pics you post, just to be friendly to the people you got it from.

4. Feel free to post and comment. Interaction is welcome. :)

5. However, there is to be NO posts asking for full downloaded episodes since this has been the cause of some cancelled communities. Posts requesting this will be deleted.

6. Please refrain from viewing of posting inappropriate content.

7. Please put long posts/large picture posts under a cut.

Photos above came from the-suburbs.com (which is no longer in service).

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